Help Us Create Clipart Illustrations!

[Images may take some time to load] [Spamming will get blocked]

Please create an illustration of a realistic scene from the clipart below. If you create unrealistic scenes, your work will be rejected.
Also, please do not create potentially offensive (e.g., sexually suggestive) scenes.

Please use at least 6 pieces of clipart in each scene. Clipart objects (5 instances each) may be added by dragging them onto the scene and removed by dragging them off. In addition to the buttons, there are also some keyboard commands to adjust the objects:

Smaller(CTRL + a)
Larger(CTRL + z)
Flip(CTRL + c)
Send backward(CTRL + s)
Bring forward(CTRL + x)

You will be asked to complete 3 different/independent scenes. You can go back and forth between all of your scenes by pressing "Prev" and "Next". When you finish your last one, a pop-up will ask you to submit. We'd love to hear any feedback you have about the usability of the interface, any bugs you encounter, or the HIT in general, so feel free to leave a comment.

Thanks for your work!
Bad Examples from Park Scenes (Unrealistic)
Random Good Examples by Turkers (to Inspire)